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    Beauty salon franchise

    We offer to open your own PIED-DE-POULE beauty salon
    on terms of franchise in your city.
    We implement standards for all the processes, train personnel and accompany the launch: from project design of the salon to stylists and team leaders trainings. Minimum budget: 50 000 $ Profitability: 20-32%
    Payback period: from 1 year

    Open your own beauty salon

    From our side we provide everything that is necessary for successful management of the salon:

    • Support at all stages of the opening
    • Assist in the process of selection and training the “right” people
    • Step-by-step instructions on marketing aspects of the brand
    • Running and engaging in effective advertising campaigns that will bring the first customers
    • Quality control at all stages: from a telephone conversation to the actual service provided by stylists
    • Сlear regulations of all business processes
    • Team Culture (Work Code) in PIED-DE-POULE

    And most importantly - you will save LOTS of time and money in the opening process of your own salon.

    What is a network of beauty salons?
    As for today

    • 2014

      Opened in November
    • 7 000+

      Сustomers were serviced
    • First half of 2015

      Two beauty salons
      in the center of Kiev
    • 40

      Team members
    • 1500

      UAH (approx. 50 USD) average check
    • 15 000+

      Visits on our website per month
    • 1 000+

      Phone calls from customers per month

    Why choose us
    More than 1,000 customers per month

    More than 50 types of services in the fields of hairdressing, make-up, nail aesthetics and cosmetology
    Convenient locations of the salons. Both our salons are in the center of Kiev
    PRO Team. Our stylists have at least 8 years of professional and teaching experience in the field
    Cosmetics of proven brands. We have selected the products that give result
    VIP level of service at regular salon prices
    Detailed diagnognostics for the creation of an ideal look
    Down to earth and friendly atmosphere
    The newest haircut techniques. We are aware of what girls and boys wear on the covers of the magazines
    Opportunity to provide 2-3 services simultaneously
    We work until the last client. We will open earlier or stay late as long as necessary
    To make the long story short - Celebrities and opinion leaders are among PIED-DE-POULE clientele

    Become a leader in your city

    The founders of PIED-DE-POULE explored the salon business from A to Z. Anna and Egor have been studying every aspect of the beauty business from the inside for more than 10 years.

    The founders of PIED-DE-POULE decided to work through every detail and organize everything at the highest level.

    To achieve this, we had to do a lot of work

    Market research and definition of the target audience
    Definition of KPI

    (key performance indicator - Employee Effectiveness and service margins)

    Quality control

    Work with complaints, after-training, problem resolution, additional trainings

    Establishment of the legal department and a management department
    Research and selection of the best cosmetic brands
    Development of the salon concept

    The sense part

    Definition of marketing objectives

    Correct communication to the target customers

    Income and expenses accounting, reporting

    Logo, corporate identity, colors and brand identity
    in general

    Advertising placement

    Selection of advertising platforms and detailed ROI tracking locally

    Creation of the Cold Sales Department
    Staff recruitment and training

    In accordance with the concept of PIED-DE-POULE


    Performance Tracking for effectiveness of all key elements for each advertising channel

    Establishment of an introductory services department

    Organization of master classes, seminars, trainings, reputation management

    Support for interns

    Welcome-trainings for beginners, meetings, team culture (Work code)

    Creation of PR department

    Management of public opinion and
    communication with regular customers

    Support for consistent and high level of service

    Customer service, cleanliness and comfort

    We continue to study, analyze
    and adjust all business processes

    What you get
    when you become our partner

    Interior layout and design

    Layout of the salon

    We will provide detailed consultations on how to get the most out of each square meter/foot


    We will provide all the measurement and standards for work spaces and furniture.

    Selection and training of personnel


    A package of correctly drawn up vacancies

    Testing of candidates

    Training of administrators, art directors, stylists

    Not only on how to answer calls, greet clients, form an appointment, calculate payments, but also covering topics of employee motivation, salon atmosphere and much more...

    Training of the stylists

    Training up to date techniques, diagnosis, communication with clients, a mystery guest, and much more...

    Full support in marketing


    We will provide a full package of corporate identity materials. As well as references for all printed materials


    We will share our photo database with you. We will also conduct educational master classes


    We will write articles and create textual content for the top media, website and social networks

    Shooting a video

    We will shoot an image and advertisement video. See examples on our You Tube channel

    Integration with our corporate website

    which is visited by more than 15 000 unique users per month

    Internet banner

    A set of banners for the display ad on Google and Yandex

    Screenshots of our Google AdWords campaigns

    We will help to make your result even better.

    Business Automation

    CRM system

    Simple and easy to use

    Access from any device on-line

    Want to know More

    Regulations of Team Culture in PIED-DE-POULE

    • — Only for franchisees
    • — Open to all
    Team Leader (Administrator)
    • Regulations for opening of the salon and preparation for the greeting of customers
    • Cleaner’s checklist
    • Team Leader Appearance Standards
    • Regulations for stylists briefing
    • Standards for answering a phone call
    • Standards for client greeting
    • Regulations for monitoring the comfort of the guest
    • Regulations for client checkout and work with payments
    • Standards for appointment reminder calls
    • Standards for feedback collection calls
    • Regulations for work with documents
    • Regulations for work with contractors
    • Rules for the re-inventory of goods and products
    • Shift Transfer Regulations
    • Schedule of cash reconciliation at the end of the business day
    • Regulations for closing the salon
    Make up artist
    • The Standards of makeup artist's appearance
    • Standards of Ethics
    • Regulation for tools and cosmetics inventory and general salon check
    • Regulations for workplace preparation
    • Regulations for client greeting preparation
    • Rules and standards for client communication
    • Rules and standards for client consultation
    • Rules and standards for customer service
    • Rules and standards for client departure
    Sterilization of tools
    • Hairdressing tools
    • Tools for manicure and pedicure
    • Brushes and makeup tools
    • Cosmetologist's tools
    • Hairbrushes
    Manicure and Pedicure Specialist
    • Regulation and Standards on appearance of the manicure / pedicure Specialist
    • Rules and Standards of Ethics
    • Regulation for tools and cosmetics inventory and general salon check
    • Regulations for workplace preparation
    • Regulations for client greeting preparation
    • Rules and standards for client communication
    • Rules and standards for client consultation
    • Rules and standards for customer service
    • Rules and standards for client departure
    Cosmetologist and massage therapist
    • The cosmetologist's/ massage therapist appearance Regulations and Standards
    • Rules and Standards of Ethics
    • Regulation for tools and cosmetics inventory and general salon check
    • Regulations and standards for cabinet preparation
    • Regulations for client greeting preparation
    • Rules and standards for client communication
    • Rules and standards for client consultation
    • Rules and standards for customer service
    • Rules and standards for client departure
    • More than twenty work procedures

    We do a lot to start your business
    you will have to do no less.

    We are not looking for money, we are looking for partners who are involved into the work process,
    monitor indicators and personally check the work of the stylists.

    By opening the a salon independently you risk not only to overpay at all stages, but also risk your investment in general,
    since launch of the salon and making an excellent first impression for your customers is important
    for successful development and further stable work of your salon.

    Here are the most common mistakes of the beginners and amateurs,
    which cost them time, money and nerves:

    Incorrectly calculated costs and as a consequence incorrectly compiled prices
    The shortcomings in working with clients, as a consequence lack of regular customers
    Lack of awareness in the fields of marketing advertising and PR
    Failed organizational structure of the business, as a result - chaos in the workplace and uncontrollability
    Inability to work with target audience, as a result - damaged reputation
    Ignorance of how to build a long-term relationship with the client.
    Inability to organize and motivate “the right" employees
    Incorrect distribution of duties
    Unsuccessful salon location selection, as a consequence not enough clients
    Irrational distribution of salaries
    Recruitment - Selection of "wrong" people into a team
    Inability to determine stylist’s qualification

    We offer our experience,
    knowledge and reputation, so that the opening of a new business goes smoothly and without unnecessary losses.


    depending on property size
    • From 50 000 $
    • Up to 100 000 $

    What is included in this amount:

    • All-inclusive payment
    • The first 3 months rent
    • Design
    • Repairs
    • Purchase of furniture, equipment, tools
    • Package of vacancies for personnel search via recruitment websites
    • Training of the selected team (administrators, stylists, directors)
    • Marketing package to start sales
    • CRM system
    • Launch of the salon

    Let's count together how quickly you will have a pay off, and how the funds invested in the franchise will start to bring profit.

    Select the key metrics:
    Number of clients per day
    Average check per customer. In UAH (or USD)

    You will pay back investments in



    Egor Kolchenko Founder of Pied-de-Poule salons

    Leave the request and I will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment or answer all questions.


    — Egor Kolchenko

    The founder of the network
    of beauty salons Pied-de-Poule
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